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Welcome to Coaching Volleyball.

This website is the foundation of a kind of grassroots level volleyball coaching educational and developmental effort. It was started by John Forman as a way to share information, expertise, and opinion about all aspects of coaching volleyball. John’s main inspiration was to use his experience at various levels in the U.S. to help the development of the volleyball coaching community in the South West of England, though things quickly went well beyond that to the point where visitors to this site now come from all over the world.

Coaching Volleyball was always envisioned as being more than just a 1-way discourse, however. John’s intention from the start was to have a strong interactive aspect to things – to encourage coaches to connect and share with each other. That’s why social networks like Twitter and Facebook have been integrated with this site from the beginning. This was particularly motivated by the lack of a networking outlet like a coaches association in England such as there is with the AVCA in the States.


Missing out on the Majority
That said, however, such high level coaching groups often end up being mainly about information dissemination from the center out to the individual members. Aside from the centralized events like conventions (which only a fraction of members can attend), there ends up being relatively little interaction between and amongst the broad community of coaches themselves.

Then there are the coaching development programs run by the likes of Volleyball England and USA Volleyball with their tiered certification processes. They do a service, but have costs which keep many coaches away (especially younger and volunteer types). Such programs also often aren’t structured in a way which reflects the reality of how a large proportion of coaches become involved. In many cases they mirror the player development programs in that they really only function for a core group, but leave the lion’s share of participants on the outside looking in.

It is hoped that by dealing with coaching at the ground level where most of us actually operate, Coaching Volleyball can serve to fill in at least some of gaps the associations and national coaching programs leave uncovered.

Welcome to Coaching VolleyballLet’s get you involved!
So that’s the mission – to help the common coach reach their potential and take their volleyball coaching as far as they wish. If you’re a coach – no matter the experience, age, gender, or competitive level – have a good look around.┬áChances are pretty good you’ll find something of interest. The menu bar at the top of the page will let you navigate the site by content category. On the sidebar you’ll find a list of recent popular posts.

Don’t be shy about leaving comments on any of the posts. Disagreements are welcome, so long as the tone remains civil. If you have a question or something you want to discuss outside the site you can use the form on the Contact page.