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Elevate Your Coaching Game: Uncover the Secrets to Volleyball Drill Mastery with This Comprehensive Guide.

“Each section got me thinking critically through a lot of areas that I can challenge myself in identifying drills and progressing my team throughout the season. I like how you talked deeply about a subject, and also gave pitfalls to that subject as well.” – Brian K.

Brought to you by John Forman, author of the globally respected Coaching Volleyball blog, and leader of the Coaching Volleyball group on Facebook (over 80,000 members)

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The Author: John Forman

John Forman’s coaching journey has featured time in gyms and sports halls across numerous countries, and work with athletes from the earliest stages of their development to the most experienced. He’s coached teams from Juniors to all three divisions of the NCAA to the pros. He currently oversees an entire national team program, from age groups to seniors.

This diversity of experience, shaped by his extensive work in coach education, makes him an authoritative voice in the volleyball community, and this book an invaluable resource for coaches at all levels

What you'll get from The Perfect Drill

Tailored Drill Design: Create drills that resonate with your team’s unique dynamics.

Elevated Training Efficiency: Achieve more in less time with more effective drills.

Enhanced Player Performance: More effective drills mean faster player and team improvement

Adaptability: Modify any drill or game to suit your needs.

Greater Coaching Confidence: Feel more assured in your coaching performance.

Complete Coaching Transformation: Elevate your entire coaching philosophy and approach with proven strategies.

With The Perfect Drill, you’re not just gaining a book; you’re unlocking a new era of volleyball coaching excellence for yourself, brimming with adaptable, efficient, and innovative strategies.

But don’t just take our word for it – hear what fellow coaches have to say about the transformative impact this guide has had on their training and coaching confidence.

What your fellow coaches are saying about The Perfect Drill

“Great read! This will be a useful tool in any coach’s box.” – Vicki K.

“Very good work. Clear, concise, and useful.” – Jose F.

“I’m sure it’ll soon be in lots of coaches’ libraries.” – Nick S.

“I like it. It’s short, simple, and easy to understand.” – Eric L.

Join the growing number of coaches who are transforming their training with The Perfect Drill. Your journey to more effective, engaging, and innovative volleyball coaching begins here.

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