It is always worth listening to the wisdom of John Wooden. I posted a review of his book Wooden on Leadership a while back. An earlier book, They Call Me Coach, was highly influential in my early coaching development, as I shared in this post.

In this video he talks coaching philosophy, and specifically the idea that success and winning aren’t the same. You may have seen my series on the drivers of success. That’s about winning. At best, though, winning is only a potential indicator of success. Wooden, as you will hear in this video, prefers to judge it in terms of maximizing potential.

Enjoy and absorb!

John Forman
John Forman

John is currently the Assistant Volleyball Coach at Radford University, as well as Global Director for Volleyball for Nation Academy. His previous experience includes all three NCAA divisions, plus Junior College, in the US, university and club teams in the UK, professional coaching in Sweden, and both coaching and club management at the Juniors level. Learn more on his bio page.

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