There’s a list of tools and resources posted up on the USA Volleyball blog. Some of the stuff is the sorts of tools we can use on the court and/or should have in case of emergency. Some of them I’m sure you’ll have in mind. You might already have them in your coaching bag. Some might not have occurred to you before. There’s also a list of computer programs and apps. Here’s the latter.

BAM Video Delay –  show “mirror like” on the face of the tablet whatever the lens is set to show, but by rubbing your finger on the face of the tablet, you can delay longer or shorter up to 2 minutes.  Player does whatever on the court, then before the 15 seconds, or whatever time set amount, goes over to the tablet to see their skill performance. Coach does not need to be present.

Dartfish Express – or Ubersense, or Coaches Eye – fast replay video options for in practice feedback, which includes the ability to draw lines/angles, and more to assist.

Scoreboard  – Simply turns your tablet into a “flip score” device  easy to read from across the court.

VBStatsHD – Does all the stats/video synching you want and more – not cheap – but not expensive at $30. For those who want a powerful app. –

ACE Stats/Tap Recorder – Low cost fast stat software.

I’ve used a couple of these apps myself. I wrote about how I’ve used video delay, and also about TapRecorder. I’d love to hear your experience with any of the above, or whatever other applications you’ve used.

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John Forman
John Forman

John is currently the Assistant Volleyball Coach at Radford University, as well as Global Director for Volleyball for Nation Academy. His previous experience includes all three NCAA divisions, plus Junior College, in the US, university and club teams in the UK, professional coaching in Sweden, and both coaching and club management at the Juniors level. Learn more on his bio page.

    3 replies to "Key resources for volleyball coaches"

    • Skip Gilleland (@iVolleyBug)

      John, thanks for the resources! I am currently building an app that will encompass a lot of resources and would love any feedback and suggestions you might have. Currently it is in beta and we are adding more features weekly. Feel free to take a look at and follow us on twitter for updates @ivolleybug.

      Some features we currently have implemented:
      -Tryout evaluations, score each skill and rank order players and assign to teams
      -Track Skills by evaluation on a determined basis (Monthly), automatically graphs and rank orders players per team and/or per club/organization
      -Each practice can have a quick checkbox evaluation on Attitude, Effort, Hustle
      -Automatic Emails to parents and players on practice scores and or Rank order on skills
      -Ability to video and timestamp skills to show improvements.
      -Practice Itineraries
      -Practice Schedules
      -Create and track divisions, Teams and Players
      -Have Emergency contact for each player
      -Player Notes (per Skill)
      -Coach tracking and team assignment
      -Invoicing (Club or Organizations)

      My motivation for developing this was out of need, I am a coach and parent that wanted to be able to see my athletes progression and after many conversations with parents…..”why doesn’t my child get more playing time?”. The reports that are available to the parents should help alleviate some of this. In my years in business and coaching I have found that people can handle hard facts better than just an explanation.

      • Chip

        any idea when this app will be available?

      • Chip Tarleton

        Hey Skip!? What’s the status of the ivolleybug app? 🙂

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