I’ve got something big in the works.

As you may know, I’ve made a habit of doing some interesting volleyball trips over the years. The first was in the Summer of 2013, just a little while after I started this blog. I was living in England then, but came back to the States to visit a whole bunch of US college programs in their preseason. A year later I spent about 10 days each with a pair of German professional teams, on a trip that also included World Championships in Poland. A year later, I was back in Germany for about 3 weeks before I started my coaching stint in Sweden.

I didn’t do any trips in 2016 after leaving Sweden and moving to Texas. I doubled up in 2017, though. In May I went to Poland, Germany, and England to visit with friends there. Then in August we took the Midwestern State team to Argentina.

No trips in 2018, unfortunately, which has left me itching. How does one scratch a traveling itch? By planning their biggest, longest trip ever, of course!

Here’s what I’m working on lining up for August and September.

  • Attend a camp in England in early August for top level teenage and young adult athletes.
  • Spend time in Hungary with my friend Ruben Wolochin at his new club Fino Kaposvar in August
  • Attend England youth/junior national team training camp at the end of August/start of September.
  • Meet up with a friend in Switzerland who coaches at a club featuring teams at a variety of levels from youth to adult (and looking to get a team into the top pro league).
  • Present on middle hitter transition training at the Volleyball England coaches conference on September 7.
  • Visit with legendary coach Andrea Anastasi at his club in Warsaw in September.
  • Spend about a week in Madrid, Spain visiting one of their top girls juniors clubs, as well as the men’s national team in European Championships preparation. I’ll then move on to Barcelona to see the big regional training center there.
  • Visit Italian club Conegliano to see what they’re doing on the youth development side, and possibly with the pro team.
  • Spend time at the German national academy in Berlin (home of the youth and junior national teams). I may also visit one of the regional academies also, and one or more German clubs.
  • Visit with coaching friends and contacts in England associated with the England Men’s National Team, the University of Essex, and IBB Polonia.

While I’m in Hungary I plan to also go watch some of the women’s European Championships. One of the pools will be hosted in Budapest. That will be a first. I’ve been to men’s World Championships, the old World League, and to the men’s Champions League finals, but I’ve never been to a major women’s competition.

That’s a pretty full schedule, wouldn’t you say? I’m probably a bit crazy for even thinking about doing all this. You don’t get many opportunities in life for this kind of thing, though. Much of the trip is meant to support my work at Nation Academy, but there’s some stuff for me mixed in there too.

Want access to the content I produce during the trip?

I plan on producing a whole bunch of content during the trip. Given all the different places I’ll go, people I talk to, and things I see it should cover an array of topics. Here’s more info and how you can get access.

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John Forman
John Forman

John is currently the Volleyball Technical Director for Charleston Academy. His previous experience includes the college and university level in the US and UK, professional coaching in Sweden, and both coaching and club management at the Juniors level. Learn more on his bio page.

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