Join the World Community of Volleyball Coaches in a Series of Conversations Free to Attend

It's a new sporting and coaching landscape in many ways. Part of that is bringing together a whole bunch of coaches in new ways to talk about coaching and other volleyball stuff!

What to expect from these conversations

Informal discussion

Each session has a central topic or theme, but for the most part are not formal presentations. The intention is that they are informal conversations between the participants, which could be two or more people.


The topics of the conversations could be anything coaching and/or volleyball related. We anticipate a wide variety of subjects.


All sessions will allow for audience questions. It will be up to the participants which questions to answer, of course, but we do want things to be at least somewhat interactive. And questions can be submitted in advance for those who might not be able to attend (details provided to those signed-up to get updates)

How many session?

Honestly, we have no idea at this point. It's entirely open-ended.


The schedule of events is entirely based on when the participants are available. There isn't (currently) any kind of fixed calendar. That will probably change in the future when resumption of more regular coaching schedules and commitments introduces more time constraints. Then I would expect to shift to a more regular fixed schedule.

The Platform

We'll be using the Zoom platform to host all the sessions. This requires a free download to access. Some Conversations will also stream live on my Facebook page.


All sessions will are recorded. Both video and audio versions are then made available for download. Those signed up for the updates will get the links once the files are uploaded.

All Conversations will be 100% free to attend and/or download


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