Coaching Log – Nov 17 2014

This is an entry in my volleyball coaching log for 2014-15.

It was a relatively straightforward session. Work on some ball-handling and serving, then get in game play to prepare for Wednesday’s final home match of the term. I started the team off doing serve receive passing in groups of 4 or 5, with one or two passers, a target, and two servers. The servers were doing overhead two-hand tosses (think soccer throw-in) to replicate a flat float serve, which also helped serve to loosen their shoulders up a bit. Each player did 10 good passes. I then had them do some target serving.

Game play started with winners 4s, full-court with fixed setters. I wanted to work them in 3-person serve reception and to give my starting setter lots of reps. At first I had them hitting back row only because we are likely to see that a lot in the upcoming match as well as to get them reaching and hitting deep. About halfway through I shifted to allow attacking on the net. I finished up playing 22 v 22, starters against non-starters.

Overall, I was generally pleased. The team’s two strongest hitters had a generally good night with some very nice aggressive swings. The one-arm digs/passes are becoming much less frequent. Still too much panicky stuff at times, and one of the first teamers simply needs to make fewer errors serving and hitting.

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John Forman
About the Author: John Forman
John currently coaches for an NCAA Division II women's team. This follows a stint as head coach for a women's professional team in Sweden. Prior to that he was the head coach for the University of Exeter Volleyball Club BUCS teams (roughly the UK version of the NCAA) while working toward a PhD. He previously coached in Division I of NCAA Women's Volleyball in the US, with additional experience at the Juniors club level, both coaching and managing, among numerous other volleyball adventures. Learn more on his bio page.

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