Testing someone’s volleyball coaching knowledge

Here’s a question I’m pretty sure I’ve not been asked before.

What are some of the questions that a coach can ask the upcoming and beginner coaches to ascertain their understanding of the sport of volleyball?

I think this is a subject folks can have some fun with. 🙂

There are some variables here in terms of which direction you want to go with the questions. For example, is this meant to be a job interview kind of situation? If so, then the questions should probably focus a lot on the expectations of the job. They could be along the lines of:

Broader volleyball knowledge

In terms of some broader understanding of the sport:

  • What’s the FIVB? USAV?
  • Who’s the current national team coach?
  • Name X players from the national team?
  • What are the major international competitions?
  • What are the major domestic competitions?
  • Who are the current national champions?
  • Who are some of the most influential coaches in the sport?

Those are ones that come off the top of my head. No doubt there are plenty more.

This is your chance, dear reader. Use the comment section below to offer up your own suggestions.

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John Forman
About the Author: John Forman
John currently coaches for an NCAA Division II women's team. This follows a stint as head coach for a women's professional team in Sweden. Prior to that he was the head coach for the University of Exeter Volleyball Club BUCS teams (roughly the UK version of the NCAA) while working toward a PhD. He previously coached in Division I of NCAA Women's Volleyball in the US, with additional experience at the Juniors club level, both coaching and managing, among numerous other volleyball adventures. Learn more on his bio page.


  1. Elesi Ketedromo says:

    I think you have really read my mind as am working on some questions to test someone’s volleyball knowledge. Heavily involved in community coaching program for community coaches and this is a way forward in trying to put together a strategy to understand what the coaches know about the sport of volleyball. Our community coaches do play and have understanding of the sport, but very few of them really do understand the ABC of volleyball and what is required of them as coaches.

  2. Alexis says:

    Interesting question:

    – what are the 3 most important cues for each of the skills – specific to the age/level of athletes you are coaching
    – how do you define ‘talented players’?
    – what is the breakdown of how points are won at your level (eg, how many out of 25 are won by hitting, serving aces, opposition errors, etc)
    – at international level 80% (approx) of points are won by hitting – what are you doing with your athletes to develop this?

Please share your own ideas and opinions.